Sheer Logic Management Consultants (SLMC) was incorporated in 1997 as a limited liability company whose overall aim is to provide Human Resource consultancy and training services to a diverse set of industries and economic sectors; both private and public. 

The new economy demands new business models and tools, as well as new approaches to doing business. Corporations are seeking innovation and speed to capture market opportunities and meet new challenges. We bring to our clients new ideas, new business models, and a new perspective. In doing so, SLMC supports the transition by actually facilitating the implementation of the solutions.
Our expert consultants are drawn from a variety of organizational levels and industries. They know how to effectively focus on the most important areas of your business and work with you to accomplish your goals. Our scalable approach and our proven tools remove the guesswork, eliminate redundant or ineffective actions, and create bottom line results.
With a distinguished client base, comprised of on-going, long-term relationships,

Sheer Logic Management Consultants takes pride in making your business a cut above the rest.







Sheer Logic Management Consultants Limited is a global one-stop shop for all HR requirements from Staffing, Executive Search, HR Automation & Outsourcing Solutions to Consulting Services and Training. Sheer Logic also offers event and conference management services.

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